– Jean Dubuffet

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From an article about the work L’Ourloupe, of the Jean dubuffet Fondation:
«In all my work there are two different winds that blow, one carrying me to exaggerate the marks of intervention, and the other, the opposite, which leads me to eliminate all human presence... and to drink from the source of this absence.»

Closerie Falbala Dubuffet

Closerie Falbala Dubuffet

Closerie Falbala
Epoxy resin and concrete with polyurethane paints, Surface area 1610 m2, highest point 8 m, built between 1971 and 1973 (and altered in 1976)
Jean Dubuffet Foundation, Périgny-sur-Yerres, Val-de-Marne (France)

In the centre of the Closerie Falbala, a simulacrum of a walled garden, stands the Villa Falbala built by Jean Dubuffet to protect the Cabinet Logologique (1967-1969). The major work of the Hourloupe period, the Closerie Falbala is under constant care of the Dubuffet Foundation. Its classification as an historic monument in 1998 guarantees at present its maintenance and its perenniality. A restauration programme is in place and is expected to last three years