– The installation “Code” an arena

An arena for workshops and dialogs .

The installation is  very actual in today’s dialogue and media focus about immigrants lacking identification documents and staying in the country. The work can set focus on art being an arena to create dialogues and debats about human rights …

When and what  -some possibilities:
– An outdoor installation, can be interactivated together with the public.
– Workshops and performance debats like at the Dalane festival of culture.

“… Bånsåm, includes a stronger ethical aspect, despite the modelling qualities of its structural shape. Bånsåm is an interactive installation that focuses on communication, exchanges and disputes regarding social issues such as immigration, tolerance, integration etc. Set up in public spaces, such as the hall of the railway station in Stavanger in 2003, the installation presents an intimate inner space shaped by sculpted elements placed in a circle.

These plywood elements are the silhouettes of specific people, children and adults, whom Agnès Btffn has encountered. Each element shows two profiles facing each other. In this way they seem to make visible and materialise that which is normally invisible and immaterial: the space in-between two people communicating and sharing ideas. The negative space created by the silhouettes form outlines, concrete prints of existing individuals; and the spaces between silhouettes become the shapes of the encounters. The Bånsåm installation shows the dynamic between the plywood in-betweens and the immateriality of the real encounters between the people who originally participated in the discussions in the heart of Bånsåm.”

Sylvain Berland